Invest in our euro-heritage and enjoy one of over a dozen gyros! Go classic with our secret cucumber sauce or go with local flavor favorites like the Sonya’s Chicken Gyro!

Pizza Pitas

With Pizza and gyro skills, there is no wonder we get confused and cross our recipes. This combination is one of a kind in the nation!

Extravagant Pizzas

Our specialty pizzas borrow from the variety of flavors we offer throughout- go Greek, go BBQ, go Philly Steak! Standard topping pizzas are also favorites.


Calzones, Strombolis and Pepperoni Rolls are a clean, shareable favorite that stay hot with your favorite Italian flavors.


Meet our 1/3 lb. Bacon BBQ Burger, the TJ Burger, and the juicy Mushroom & Onion Burger.


Hungry for a serious meal? Our platters offer comfort food at a price worth raving about.


Our salads tend to skip on the carbs, but none of the flavor! Enjoy your favorite EuroGyro flavors layered on top of our lettuce, tomato and cucumber base!


8″ super subs. Classic favorites, our crowd pleaser the Philly Steak Sub, and oh, have you met “Guy on the Couch?”

Side Orders

JoJos, Cheesy Bread, Mac and Cheese Bites and Mini Corn Dogs- ready for casual fair with your favorite drinks!

Wings & Baskets

Bone-In or Boneless, we craft wings in quantities 6 to 50, with a variety of flavors and accoutrements.


Classic Macedonian Flavors like Baklava meet American Standards to meet your sweet tooth on the corner of Delight Avenue and Sugar Street!